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Integrity Spine

Integrity Spine is a medical device company focused on advancing the products and technologies used in spinal procedures.

Our products include: Biologics (Allograft, DBM, Synthetic Bone Substitute), PEEK, Metal (Screws, Plates, Rods, and Taps), Stem Cells and PRP. We are committed to producing high quality products and through our Innovation Lab we are constantly working to enhance and improve the lives of patients through innovation.

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News Update

Company News, 2/07/2012

Integrity Spine launches new PEEK and Metal.


For more information and to download a brochure please visit our literature page.

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Allograft & DBM

A full line of Allograft & DBM products including strips, putty, crunch, chips, sponges, blocks and more.

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Our synthetic bone substitute strips and granules are formulated to enhance bone regeneration. Safe, effective, and 100% resorbable.

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Interbody and vertebral spacers made from PEEK. Multiple spaces in multiple sizes for different surgical approaches including ALIF, Cervical, PLIF, and TLIF.

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Full line of plates, screws, rods, taps, wires, rods and drill bits for all spinal procedures.

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Bone Marrow Aspirate & PRP

Stem Cell and PRP systems for spinal fusion and other spinal procedures.

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